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Basic Handling Skills
This is the first step in obtaining your motorbike licence. Safelearner provides the safest motorcycle tuition available, supplying both 3/4 size and restricted motorcycles enabling you to learn with comfort, confidence and low risk. Learn how to ride in a controlled environment, sit the BHS test and gain Handling certification. All packages instructed on one to one / two to one basis unless requested otherwise. Motorcycle and helmet supplied.
Once you have the BHS certificate, take it down to your licencing agent and you can sit your learner licence theory test. The test is comprised of 25 general questions and 10 specialist motorcyclist questions. For practice test questions and answers, click here for motorcycle road code questions.
For further information or bookings, please call or text our NZTA approved Instructor on 0221022332 or send us your query using our online form, email
Comprehensive Basic Handling Skills Package currently unavailable
SIMPLE Basic Handling
Skills Package
< 1.5 hours - $169 incl GST
Recommended for riders with some past motorcycle or scooter handling experience. Learn to ride on a regular motorcycle, including 5 speed gearbox training. <40 mins riding tuition, 25 mins test preparation, 25 mins BHS testing. Available 6 days, Mt Wellington. 1-to-1 / 2-to-1 instruction. All gear supplied. Evening sessions available.

SCOOTER Basic Handling
Skills Package
< 1.5 hours - $159 incl GST
Current regulations require that all fleet bikes are manual motorcycles. If you wish to complete the BHS course on a scooter, you are permitted to do so on your own bike.
BHS TEST ONLY - $109 incl GST
Bike and helmet supplied.
Advanced Handling Skills Package / Refresher Training
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Advance Handling Skills Course
1.5 - 2 hours - $179 incl GST.

Build on the basics and prepare yourself for the road with this advanced motorcycle handling skills course.
- Learn the necessary safety checks to ensure that your motorcycle is safe to ride
- Wheel and steer your motorcycle in all directions whilst off the bike
- Master your cone weaving abilities at low and higher speeds
- Ride a tight figure of eight with full clutch and throttle control
- Learn advanced cornering techniques
- Build on your braking techniques working up to a controlled emergency stop
- Master your U turns and challenge yourself at the super slow riding course
- Motorcycle and helmet supplied.
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On Road Safety Riding Course
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Track Day Preparation
on road experience picture1.5 hours - Auckland CBD - $149 incl GST

Develop your riding skills. Learn to identify and act on motorcycle specific roading hazards. Practice safe riding techniques and behaviours, master the use of filtering, accident avoidance and riding whilst under pressure from time, traffic and weather conditions. Learn to read the traffic and eliminate any surprises from your commute. High risk intersections will be utilized in and around Auckland CBD to make you a safer, more aware rider. Perfect preparation for restricted and full licence practical tests. Available weekdays. Radio gear supplied.
2 hours - $179 incl GST

Prepare yourself for the race track with the following procedures:
- Clutchless gear changing
- Advanced apex riding
- Body positioning while cornering
- Advanced throttle control

Learn to bank the bike and get your knee down. Riders must have leather pants with knee sliders, boots and your motorcycle must be in warrantable condition. Available 10am Monday - Friday.
Refresher Course Picture
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Advanced Lesson Picture2 Hours - $199 incl GST

Become an ultimate rider with this advanced riding course.
- 40 Minutes Advanced Handling Skills
- 40 Minutes On Road Safety Riding
- 40 Minutes Open Road Riding
Riders must have a class 6 bike licence (Learners OK). Radio gear supplied. Available Monday - Friday, morning and afternoons sessions.
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